Let's assume you own an aircraft. And let's also assume that you would like this aircraft to look and feel exactly the way you want it to. In this case ... it is really good you are here!

BRABUS Private Aviation individualizes business jets and helicopters. No matter if it is the cabin, the IFE system or the outside appearance of an aircraft, we provide state of the art solutions combining individual customer preferences with our signature BRABUS design elements. Beyond the design and completion process our clients get the aircraft management services they need during the lifecycle of their aircraft such as charter plans or a well-trained crew.



At BRABUS Private Aviation we can if desired guide you through the complete process of purchasing, designing, and building your own aircraft - the way you want it. For each step on your way into the aviation world there are specialists who will help you make the right decisions and develop a proper plan from the initial thought about an aircraft to the first flight and beyond. The beauty of the concept is that you are dealing with one partner at all times who coordinates the activities of all involved parties and ensures the result you want.

In the paragraphs below you will find all the information you need about our network of professional partners, our vision and quality standards, the story about BRABUS Private Aviation and much more.


See how the BRABUS Private Aviation team members explain what they do and how they do it.

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BRABUS Private Aviation is an alliance of professionals, who bring decades of experience in dealing with premium automotive and aviation products to the table. 

BRABUS Group, German manufacturer of high-tech automotive components, individual interiors and supercars has teamed up with three exclusive partners to realize the BRABUS Private Aviation product portfolio:

PrivatAir is a leading aircraft operations and management company with a global network of aviation experts and facilities. RUAG Aviation, very well-respected for its completion and maintenance capabilities in Munich, Germany. HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO with its many years of experience in the development and execution of extraordinary liveries. 

BRABUS Supercar SLS 700 Biturbo

Founding BRABUS Private Aviation in 2011 was a logical evolution of the original BRABUS business model. For 35 years BRABUS has been engineering and manufacturing technical luxury. Performance parts, engines and engine upgrade, individual interiors and complete business and entertainment conversions of automobiles as well as complete record-breaking supercars have been the BRABUS domain. A typical BRABUS product thus always has to be a technical and luxurious product at once.

BRABUS Private Aviation quality made in Germany


Everything BRABUS Private Aviation provides come in typical "Made in Germany" quality. Our customers benefit from the fact that all exclusive partners within the alliance are located in central Europe and that manufacturing takes place in Germany, both at the home of BRABUS in Bottrop and at the facilities of RUAG Aviation at Munich Executive Airport right outside of the border of the Bavarian metropoly. This setup is no coincidence: due to the fact that aircraft completion projects are complex operations, it was an absolute priority for us from the start, to form an alliance in which all key players were in close proximity to one another. This helps both the project coordination and the logistics as well as our supply chain management.

BRABUS Private Aviation structured and focused project management

An aircraft has been evaluated and purchased, the design is fixed, the individual preferences of the aircraft owner have been clearly identified and a well-described specification makes sure that engineers and mechanics perfectly know their duties during the refurbishment of the cabin when the aircraft lands at the BRABUS Private Aviation completion center and is rolled into its designated hangar. During the time of the completion aircraft management staff is arranging for the time after the roll-out. A crew is chosen and trained, a charter plan is developed. In the end everybody is ready to guide the owner of the aircraft through the first flight onboard a perfect aircraft.

We put strong emphasis on professional and structured project management which enables us to remain in control of completion projects during all of its various phases.

Brabus Private Aviation Model Focus

Our completion program focuses on three levels of refurbishment available for a large number of business aircraft. Project scope, manufacturing and preparation times vary due to the exact aircraft cabin specification and aircraft model. The BRABUS Private Aviation Model Focus explains in detail, for which aircraft completions services are available.