BRABUS Supercar Rocket 800


From a passion for fast and exclusive cars to a global player with more than 100 outlets around the globe: when Bodo Buschmann founded BRABUS in 1977 he would never have dreamed that over the course of the following decades BRABUS would grow that way.

The company built up steam immediately: soon it was became more than just a meeting point for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts and individualists who took their vehicles to Bottrop, Germany to have them customized. Soon cars sporting the BRABUS Logo stood out from the crowd as unique and well-engineered pieces of German craftsmanship. 


BRABUS E-190 3.6S


In 1984 Bodo Buschmann was able to land his first big contract, almost unimaginable for its scale in his industry at that time: car rental specialist Erich Sixt agreed to upgrade his rental fleet with 200 Mercedes-Benz 190E with BRABUS performance parts. These eye catchers not only helped SIXT to differentiate itself from it competitors. Many of those who rented one of the highly sought-after sedans for a day or two subsequently became loyal BRABUS customers...

BRABUS Heritage Bodo Buschmann and E190


The business grew quickly and soon required more space. In 1986 BRABUS moved to newly built facilities which were again expanded in 1999 to 112.000 square meters (1.2 million sq.ft). 

Recognized as vehicle manufacturer by the German Federal Department of Motor Vehicles (Kraftfahrtbundesamt), BRABUS began to make headlines with eye-openers  such as a Mercedes 190 E powered by a V8 engine or with a leightweight-version of the 190 E.

BRABUS Headquarter in Bottrop-Germany


At the same time in 1999 development began on the world's most extensive program of high-performance engines for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. In 1992 BRABUS presented the 6.9 high-capacity engine for the V12 of the Mercedes 600 models. With a rated power output of 509 hp (503 bhp) / 375 kW it unlocked a new performance dimension. Today, some two decades later the BRABUS 800 V12 Biturbo engine, available for all current Mercedes 600 and 65 models represents the benchmark for Mercedes engine tuning.  

BRABUS GLK V12 world record


This same power house also propels our latest supercar: the BRABUS Rocket 800 II based on the Mercedes CLS-Class. This four-door coupe seamlessly continues the success story of BRABUS cars: The BRABUS E V12 gained entry into the Guiness Book of World Records in 1996 powered by a 7.3 liter (445 naturally aspirated engine that produced 582 hp (574 bhp) / 428 kW for a top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph).  The second version of the E V12 later reached 350.2 km/h (217.6 mph).

It was only logical then that the first BRABUS Rocket, the world's fastest four-door coupe with a top-speed of 365.7 km/ (227.2 mph) would be followed by an even faster BRABUS 800 E V12 grabbing the record with an unbelievable 370 km/h (230 mph).

The BRABUS GLK V12 added yet another highlight by setting a speed record for street-legal SUVs of 322.3 km/h (200.3 mph)



BRABUS tailor-made interiors

Brabus Tailor-Made Interiors

Besides the development of engines and performance components a second important pillar of the BRABUS portfolio gained more and more importance: the design and manufacturing of premium, tailor-made automotive interiors. Many customers who wanted their cars to be individualized on the outside also had the desire to personalize the inside of those cars. Over the years BRABUS developed an interior individualization program giving the customers almost infinite possibilities to style their automotive interiors to exactly represent their personal or corporate style. Today customers can choose from thousands of leather colors and various fabrics which can then be combined with special wood applications or exquisite, technical materials such as carbon-fibre in various colors. Customers around the globe today get their individual BRABUS interior installed in one of the BRABUS subsidiaries around the world.



Today BRABUS Group is still at the forefront of automotive development. Whether engineering performance parts for carmakers, engineering top of the line smart cars, designing individual automotive, yachting and aviation interiors: BRABUS customers can be sure to receive Made in Germany engineering and individual design of the highest quality. With a presence in more than 100 countries and a sophisticated quality assurance and warranty program BRABUS caters to customers around the globe .