BRABUS Private Aviation Black Interior Design Element


The owner of sportscars or yachts are used to enjoying a high standard when it comes to the quality of their vehicles. And at BRABUS we know that a lot of times this "standard" is not good enough. That is why the BRABUS Private Aviation completion program offers a wide range of possibilities to individualize an aircraft cabin interior such as premium leather, high quality wood applications, or carbon fibre. Combined with modern IFE systems a BRABUS Private Aviation Cabin Interior creates the luxurious atmosphere aircraft owners expect. 

BRABUS Private Aviation interior heritage

At BRABUS we have been designing individual interiors for exclusive automobiles for decades. Founded in 1977 the design and engineering of individual transportation interiors has always been an important pillar of our business right alongside the engineering of high-performance supercars.


BRABUS Private Aviation design editions

To present how we at BRABUS Private Aviation design aircraft cabins and to demonstrate how we transfer the signature style elements of BRABUS exclusive interiors from the automobile to the aircraft cabin, we have designed three limited edition interiors. Each of these limited edition cabin designs will only be realized once in a business aircraft. There are the dark and powerful "Sportive Limited Edition", the elegant and subtle "Elegance Limited Edition" and the bright and stylish "Yachting Edition".

BRABUS Private Aviation individual cabin interior

Beyond the BRABUS Private Aviation Limited Edition cabin interiors there is the option to design and build a very individual custom cabin interior together with the BRABUS Private Aviation interior designers that will perfectly represent the style of the aircraft owner. Every detail of the surfaces in the cabin and all materials can be individualized and custom-tailored to fit the aircraft owners demands. At the same time our designers and engineers will make sure every design stays in line with aviation regulations.

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BRABUS Private Aviation process completion map

"Coordinating an aircraft completion project is like leading orchestra through playing difficult symphony."

Designing, engineering and manufacturing an aircraft cabin interior is a complex task. It requires everyone involved to adhere to a strict logic of project management and phase-by-phase-thinking. At BRABUS Private Aviation our goal is to ensure a smooth design and completion process while staying in line with customer demands and aviation regulations.