In the BRABUS Private Aviation completion definition process professional customer guidance is a key element. From the initial customer meeting to the final design freeze and throughout the entire engineering and manufacturing of the aircraft cabin. 


Every completion process starts with the floor plan requirements. Our customers decide on many variables, for example how many passengers will be flying on board frequently. Subsequently this leads to the amount of seats available, which is the basis for the allocation of the entire space in the cabin.

Oftentimes, finding the right floor plan suitable for the intended use of the aircraft, is a matter of several meetings with our customer. During those meetings, our cabin completion experts assist the future aircraft owner in defining every detail of the cabin design as well as all functional elements to be included in the interior. What kind of seat design is wanted? How many compartments should the cabin have? What should the galley look like? Are one or two lavatories needed? What kind of In-Flight Entertainment system does the customer want?

The BRABUS Private Aviation team answers all questions and gives advice where needed based on extensive industry knowledge.


 Once a mutual understanding of the exact specification re   quired by the customer is defined, a detailed project plan is set up, containing all necessary pieces of information including specific customer milestones. These predefined customer milestones build the frame of communication between the completion team and the customer or the representative. Whenever such milestone is reached, input from the customer is required and desired. Examples of such input are the initial preliminary concept meeting, the final review of the cabin interior design – and of course the first flight with the completed cabin inside the actual aircraft and the customer approval of the work done. For each milestone a detailed checklist guides the discussion regarding design and function of the cabin interior. At the end of each milestone meeting, both the BRABUS Private Aviation Definition Team and the customer commit to the elements discussed and agree to go ahead.

 Other important points of involvement are the first article inspections in which the customer receives samples of the materials selected for the cabin such as chosen leather and stitching patterns for the seats. In such way our customers are involved in every important aspect of the completion process.

Throughout the entire completion process, our customers will be guided by experts in the fields relevant to engineering, supply chain management or cabin configuration and systems definition


BRABUS Private Aviation process floor plan


In general the design and engineering of aircraft cabins can be grouped into three general categories: light refurbishments, advanced refurbishments and green aircraft completions. At BRABUS Private Aviation we are capable of performing all three levels that vary significantly in their complexity. Light refurbishments include the changing of soft-materials such as the leather covering the seats, various fabrics used to cover cabin surfaces or the wood surfaces used for example in the galley. An advanced refurbishment is more complex as it involves a change in floor plan of the aircraft interior requiring a change of technical components invisible to the customer but critical for safe and comfortable operation (such as the overhead Passenger Safety Units (PSU)). Advanced refurbishments are most likely chosen when an aircraft changes ownership and the cabin’s existing floor plan does not match with the new owner’s intended use of the aircraft. On board there might not be a master cabin, however the new owner intends to sleep during a long-range flight.

Finally, a green aircraft completion is the most complex and advanced form of cabin interior design that can be commissioned by our customer. In this option the entire aircraft is delivered to the completion centre without a cabin. The entire cabin will be developed and manufactured at the completion centre. Every green aircraft completion combines the challenge of handling a very complex project and building a custom-tailored interior that is exactly what the owner wants.

No matter what level of completion: your BRABUS Private Aviation aircraft interior truly tells a unique story.

BRABUS Private Aviation process timeline


With more than a century of combined experience in the automotive and aviation industries the exclusive partners within BRABUS Private Aviation can rely on their networks of suppliers and partners as well as on their well-trained technical staff around the world.

All completions of BRABUS Private Aviation are done in the facilities RUAG Aviation at Munich Executive Airport any equipment needed for aircraft configuration and state of art ‘Made in Germany’ integration and installation processes are in place. The facilities in Munich are among the most advanced in Europe and we can comfortably assure every customer that it is the perfect controlled environment for their aircraft and a very good place to realize world-class completions.