Press Reports

Ultimate Jet Cover Story!

In the Nov/Dec 2012 Issue of Ultimate Jet, Brabus Private Aviation is featured on the Cover. We were fascinated to achieve that kind of press coverage with our new products. Thank you Ultimate Jet for a good and detailed article!


ISSUE #30 11/12 2012

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Helicopter Magazine: "Feeling of flying your own car"

Helicopter Magazine wrote an aricle about our "High-End Customization of Private Jets and Helicopter" Read the whole story and find out how Helicopter Magazine thinks about our exclusive helicopter design.


ISSUE #57 10/11 2012

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ALTITUDES MAGAZINE: "BRABUS Breaks into jet customisation"

In the June/Juli issue 2012 Altitudes Magazine Europe wrote a article about our new project: "Brabus breaks into jet customisation"


ISSUE 06/07 2012

Classic Driver: Lowered flying aircraft

Not only the Aviation scene is talking about us. Our automotive friends are calling it "lowered flying aircraft". Read the whole article to get the full story.


BLOG 06-05-2012

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