We help you to source the aircraft that fits your needs. Through years of experience in aircraft sourcing and purchasing we know how where to find it and how to buy.


Our crews - especially trained to assist charter customers during their flight - will make you feel what we mean when we say that it "makes a difference". 


Besides personally using your aircraft to get to your destinations faster and more comfortable you might want to offer others the opportunity to charter it. We are more than happy to develop a charter plan tailored to your schedule.


At BRABUS Private Aviation, we provide an independent and comprehensive aircraft management programme. We handle every aspect, and customize our approach to suit our customers’ specific needs:


The decision to invest in a private jet entails entering into a complex industry regulated by strict standards. It makes sense to embark on such a mission with an informed guide. Within BRABUS Private Aviation, you will find an Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team with decades of experience, able to provide you with the detailed, current and unbiased advice that is essential for the purchase of any business jet. 

We have extensive industry experience as well as access to a worldwide network of professionals, enabling us to source the right aircraft for your needs and to negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. Count on us to accompany you through every detailed aspect of the process, from beginning to end. You will invest in your private jet with the confidence of full understanding and the assurance of complete diligence. Our comprehensive sales and acquisitions service includes:

·         Initial in-depth analysis of client’s needs in parallel with an assessment of the   current market

·         Current and future market value analyses

·         Market searches and comparative aircraft evaluations

·         Development of aircraft marketing plans

·         Pre-purchase inspection definition, coordination and monitoring

·         Contract negotiation, aircraft acceptance, delivery and registration

BRABUS Private Aviation Aircraft purchasing example

Sourcing and purchasing an aircraft feels easy with BRABUS Private Aviation. Instead of having to rely on various different organizations to gather information, talk to potential sellers of aircraft, and arrange buying proposals you can now rely on a single partner, a single source of information to find and buy your aircraft. 

At BRABUS Private Aviation our experts will carefully guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate aircraft and buying it in a way that is worth both your time and money.


Flight operations

You will receive your detailed flight itinerary (including catering, ground transportation, and hotels) prior to each flight. Our team tracks your progress from take-off to landing and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any queries. You will sleep easy, and fly safe.

Charter revenue

We are well positioned to generate substantial charter revenue due to the high number of requests we receive for large cabin aircraft. There is no conflict of interest: we only charter third party aircraft and we keep our fleet relatively small and diversified.

Crew services

Expect stringency in recruitment and rigor in training to the highest standards. We leave no room for mediocrity or error. The crew on your aircraft will aim to surpass your expectations, in discreet and professional style.


All personnel pass background checks, psychological tests and participate regularly in security refresher courses. Our airline expertise allows us to bring commercial best practice to the business aviation world. We are the first business aviation company to have received the IOSA certification.

Accounting and administration

You receive quarterly reporting as well as billing by category and by vendor. Our team negotiates direct with suppliers on your behalf and recharges at cost.

Our aircraft management programme is designed to relieve our clients of the burden of care relating to ownership of a private jet, so they are simply left with the freedom and flexibility it affords. Looking ahead, we are excited to be continuously improving and extending the scope of our service. We are launching our own air concierge services later this year with the ultimate goal to act as a personal travel agency.


One of the many advantages of private jet ownership is the prospect of putting your stamp of uniqueness on your own aircraft. Whether you are acquiring or refurbishing a jet, we can assist you with the design and installation of the interior, to ensure you gain full enjoyment and efficiency from your investment. We cover all aspects, including in-flight entertainment systems and satellite communications. 

When you work with BRABUS Private Aviation, you are in the hands of aviation specialists. Our in-house engineers are involved in each sale or purchase, and their experience gives the assurance that every technical detail relating to the aircraft has been audited.

Also we have access to the wide range of aircraft we can source, should the occasional requirement for a larger or smaller aircraft than your own arise. Similarly, we can provide a replacement when your aircraft is undergoing maintenance.


If you are interested in buying a business aircraft, in an evaluation of your aircraft or our aircraft management services simply let us know by sending us an email to or by contacting our support hotline in either Germany or Switzerland. We appreciate every single inquiry and will respond quickly to help you find out more about our services.


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